This is the second contest. will pay for one months membership to club penguin for one lucky user. All you have to do is be the last person to make a blog post. The contest will end in a day or two, so check back often to make sure you have the last comment on ANY post or video.

That’s right make a comment on anywhere on and use the words “Iplay club penguin.” in the comment. This will let us know you want to enter the contest. The last comment for each post will be entered into the contest. So, make sure you are the last comment. If you are not the last comment when you check beck enter another comment, you can enter comments for as many posts as you like!! ENTER AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!!!

We will announce the winner here. After the contest is over we will post the winners name and tell them how to claim the prize. The prize will be one month of free club penguin. We will send you the money. The total prize value is $5.99US.

The more entries we get the more contests we will have!! So, make sure you come back often to find out about more contests, with even better prizes like 6 months free club penguin membership or even a One year free club penguin membership. It all depends on YOU! If you like the contests then join in now!

We will not require your email address, since most of you don’t have an email address. So you will be able to check back here and see if you won and how to claim your prize. We will give you one week to come back here and claim your prize or we will try to get another winner.

ENTER NOW!! No real names please and NO email addresses!!! ENTER OFTEN!!!